March 21, 2008

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twitter.png I was quite surprised, when I heard that twitter was around for about a couple of years already. I jumped on the band wagon about 2 weeks ago, just before SOURCEBoston. What’s twitter? It’s a micro-blog. It’s IM that can be read by everybody that you authorize. It’s broadcast. You subscribe to people’s feeds and they subscribe to yours. It’s fairly interesting. There is an entire following of security twits who twitter all day long about more or less interesting thing.

What I find very interesting are the RSS-like twitter feeds from, for example, conferences. We had a feed for @SOURCEBoston. There is also one for the RSA Blogger Meetup. I hope to see you there!

Follow me: @zrlram

March 13, 2008

2nd Keynote at SOURCEBoston – Dan Geer

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cimg2597_2.jpgDan Geer just gave his keynote at SOURCEBoston. Have you heard Dan Geer speak? If not, I highly encourage you to watch the video of his talk as soon as it is online. I will have to go back and listen to his talk a few more times to absorb some more of it. Dan throws out so many thoughts and concepts that it is hard to follow him, without knowing some of this stuff already. I am sure those of you who have been following Dan were able to retain much more of his talk. I mostly know about Dan’s work from his postings on the security metrics list.

Risk management is a topic that is often discussed by Dan. “Risk management is about affecting the future, not explaining the past.” says Dan. To do effective risk management we need to measure things as best as we can. We need security metrics. We can’t make much progress in security if we don’t have good metrics. We’ve exhausted what we can do with firefighting. Dan has an entire slide-deck of over 400 slides about the topic of security metrics that is incredibly interesting to read up on security metrics and risk management.

Do you need security analogies from other fields? Read the transcript of Dan’s talk as soon as it is up on the SOURCEBoston site. It’s really worth it.

March 12, 2008

AirForce Recruiting For Cyber Offense

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picture-6.pngRichard Clarke, during his keynote at SOURCEBoston, talked about the 2007, non-public Presidential cybersecurity directive. One part of the directive is rumored to talk about building an offensive cyber capability (see also Jennifer’s post). Is the fact that the AirForce has changed their recruiting commercial to contain cybersecurity aspects already a first sign that they are looking for talent that can execute on those objectives?
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March 11, 2008

SOURCE Boston – Be There!

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We are frantically preparing for the SOURCE Boston conference which starts tomorrow morning.

You can keep track of the happenings via Twitter. It’s pretty interesting how this Twitter thing is taking off. I will try to update my feed (@zrlram) regularly over the next days so you can keep track of what’s going on.

There are a lot of other Security Twits here who hopefully keep their feeds up to date. I am sure @mediaphyter (Jennifer Leggio) is keeping her feed current with the latest gossip. Careful though, she is not always saying the truth 😉

March 7, 2008

Source Boston Next Week

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picture-3.pngI will be at Source Boston next week, which is going to be probably one of the coolest conferences this year. The speaker lineup is absolutely fantastic. And I am not saying that because I am going to be speaking there. You can keep up with the conference on the Source Boston Blog or on the Twitter @SourceBoston feed.

My presentation carries the title: All the data that’s fit to visualize. Recognize this? It’s the New York Time’s headline. I am going to talk about what security visualization can learn from the NYT. I am very excited about the talk. I am going to try out some new presentation methods. Come and see it!

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Log Analysis Professionals

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picture-2.pngA bunch of log analysis professionals started blogging on a new blog, located at: . Let’s see how much people actually are going to contribute there. I did my first post today about the new CEE Field List that was just posted on the CEE mailinglist. Here is where you can get more information about CEE and the newly posted field list.