January 31, 2008

Edward Tufte – Visualization Seminar

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img_0129.JPGThis week I finally attended Edward Tufte’s one-day visualization course. It was a great day, filled with inspiration. I had seen Tufte’s books before and read a lot about his theories and principles. I have been very inspired by a lot of them and I am trying to make use of them in my own book on “Applied Security Visualization“. Tufte has a certain way of pondering a topic that makes you think hard – even about the most controversial things; such as: “Forget PowerPoint”. He has some good arguments and maybe I will try some of his principles in my next presentation.

I was definitely impressed with the two books he brought along to the course. He showed one of the first prints of Galileo’s book. An absolutely beautiful piece of work! Notice how E.T. holds the book in his bare hands (picture below), while his assistant is wearing gloves.

The other book he brought along was one of the first prints of Euclid’s book where all the Euclidean geometry is explained. Note the three-dimensional pyramids in the book. Amazing for a book that was printed hundreds of years ago!


January 24, 2008

Bridging Security and Visualization

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OnSecrity just released another video of the conversation we recorded last year during RSA. I am talking about security visualization in light of the book I am working on. This video cast is the sequel to the first one that I posted a few days ago.

picture-5.pngOne of the topics I am discussing in the video is the “false dichotomy” between security and visualization. This is a topic that I talked about during a talk at the MIT Lincoln Labs at the beginning of December. The presentation showed how there are really two disciplines that come together in security visualization: Security and Visualization. The problem with this is that visualization people don’t know much about security and the other way around. It’s a very interesting topic to explore and it explains some of the mistakes that are being made with visualization tools and is also reflected in visualization research.

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January 22, 2008

500 Linkedin Connections

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picture-7.pngI have been using Linkedin for quite a while now. Today marks the day where I actually have 500 connections. I wonder whether I would be able to go through all of them and remember who each and everyone is. I would probably get a 95% hit rate. I don’t think I am actually making complete use of my network on Linkedin network, but one of my New Year’s resolutions is to get a bit better with my networking.

Connect to me if I know you and you are not in my network yet!

January 18, 2008

Applied Security Visualization

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Applied Security VisualizationIt is pretty much exactly a year ago that I signed my contract with Addison Wesley to write a book about security data visualization. Now, a year later, I am getting really close. I am in the process of assembling my review committee and I a very excited about a couple of people that already accepted. Thanks in advance!

There is still a lot to be done. I have one more big chapter to write: “Perimeter Threat” and a couple to finish up. But I can see the end! It’s nice to see the end being close!

A little more than a month after I signed my contract with my publisher, they recorded a video cast with me. I am talking about security visualization and a little bit about the book. Beware, this was a year ago. It is interesting, however, that I would probably still say about the same things! This shows that the market has not really changed much. I hope this will change soon though!