August 20, 2008

Applied Security Visualization Press

Category: Log Analysis,Security Article Reviews,Visualization — Raffael Marty @ 12:20 pm

I recorded a couple of podcasts and did some interviews lately about the book. If you are interested in listening in on some of the press coverage:

More information about the Applied Security Visualization book is on the official book page. I am working on figuring out where to put an Errata. There were some minor issues and typos that people reported. If you find anything wrong or you have any generic comments, please let me know!

August 14, 2008

First Amazon for Applied Security Visualization Book

Category: Log Analysis,Security Article Reviews,Visualization — Raffael Marty @ 11:21 am

I just saw the first Amazon review for my book. I just don’t understand why the person only gave it four stars, instead of five 😉 Just kidding. Thanks for the review! Keep them coming!

August 13, 2008

Applied Security Visualization Book is Available!

Category: Compliance,Log Analysis,Security Article Reviews,Visualization — Raffael Marty @ 12:38 pm

picture-5.pngThe Applied Security Visualization book is DONE and available in your favorite store!

Last Tuesday when I arrived at BlackHat, I walked straight up to the book store. And there it was! I held it in my hands for the first time. I have to say, it was a really emotional moment. Seeing the product of 1.5 years of work was just amazing. I am really happy with how the book turned out. The color insert in the middle is a real eye-catcher for people flipping through the book and it greatly helps making some of the graphs better interpretable.

2754352452_e3ed2c1d0f.jpgI had a few copies to give away during BlackHat and DefCon. I am glad I was able to give copies to some people that have contributed by inspiring me, challenging me, or even giving me very specific use-cases that I collected in the book. Thanks everyone again! I really appreciate all your help.

People keep asking me what the next project is now that the book is out. Well, I am still busy. is one of my projects. I am trying to get more people involved in the discussions and get more people to contribute graphs. Another project I am starting is to build out a training around the book, which I want to teach at security conferences. I have a few leads already for that. Drop me a note if you would be interested in taking such a training. Maybe I will also get some time to work on AfterGlow some more. I have a lot of ideas on that end…

During DefCon, I recorded a PodCast with Martin McKeay where I talk a little bit about the book.