February 21, 2006

AfterGlow 2.0

Category: Visualization — Raffael Marty @ 5:32 am

I just released AfterGlow 2.0. In addition, I released AfterGlow 1.1.6, a bug fix release to the 1.x releases.

The new release is AfterGlow 2.0, which is no more written in Perl, but in Java. It generates a new kind of graph output. Whereas AfterGlow 1.x generates link graphs, AfterGlow 2.0 generates TreeMaps.

This afternoon I will be talking at the EuSecWest 2006 Conference in London. The topic is “Visual Security Event Analysis” (what else ;)). The presentation has quite a lot of examples on how you can use both AfterGlow 1.x and AfterGlow 2.0.

I am looking forward hearing back from you with screenshots and use-cases of how you are using graphs to do security analysis.

AfterGlow 2.0 Output

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