October 2, 2006

DefCon Review in UNIX Review

Category: Security Article Reviews,Visualization — Raffael Marty @ 6:14 pm

I just came accross this review on DefCon presentations. Is published on unixreview.com. I don’t know the author, but I certainly like what she had to say about my presentation:

I’ll begin with Afterglow, by Raffael Marty, which is a visual log analysis tool. Martyýs tool runs either via Perl or Java and does some cool stuff by making text log files into understandable graphs. This type of tool can help you truly understand the big picture of what your logs are telling you without making you go cross-eyed trying to read them all. This was the second year Marty has discussed this tool, and I was very impressed by his dedication to this work.

There is actually another person out there who wrote a summary of DefCon 13 (so last year) and put some graphs online. I am impressed 😉

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