October 31, 2006

Events vs. Logs vs. Log Entries vs. Traps vs. ? – Missing Definitions

Category: Log Analysis — Raffael Marty @ 9:16 pm

The problem of how you call something is not something I think about conciously very often, but it became really obvious to me that it is important to name things and define what they really mean every so often. In my daily work I use the words Event and Log Entry all the time. While talking to developers and other geeks, it has never been a problem, but I was talking to some other groups lately, outside of my company and when I mentioned the word event it took me a while to understand that they did not think about an event the way I did. An event for them was an incident, a physical event, the constellation of things coming together and causing something to happen. For me an event is something I use very loosely. An event gets generated by a device. It’s the same as a log entry. It’s a “string” that describes what happened. Windows for example generates events. They get collected in the event log. But again, I am using the term very loosely. What’s a log entry then in contrast to an event? Hmm… And is a tcpdump record a log entry or an event or what is it? Hard to say. I guess it takes the effort of someone to define all that. I might…

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