January 6, 2007


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Anton Chuvakin just blog-tagged me. What that means is that I have to write five things about myself that not many people know and then list five other people that should do the same thing. Well, here ya go:

1. I used to be heavily involed in crossbow shooting. I was Swiss champion, was shooting in the national team for about 6 years and was the coach of the youth team for about 2 years. A great time which is responsible for a lot of what I am today.

2. I have a passion for bridges. I love taking pictures of them. I should probably start posting them 😉
3. I guess this is well known: I am Swiss. I grew up in Switzerland. In 1999 I came to the Silicon Valley for an internship, left the US again and then moved back to San Francisco in 2003.
4. My interest in security came about during my cryptography lessons in college. I was phascinated by the concepts and how they can be put into practical solutions. That initial phascination led to an internship and then later my master thesis at IBM Research in Zurich.

5. VIM: I am a huge fan of VIM. Some people hate me for using VIM for all my writing; Anton? I write my emails in VIM, I write my books in VIM, and much to the annoyance of my co-workers, I set my shells to VIM mode (set -o vi). And who is responsible for that? I am pretty sure it was Dhawal during my internship at Cylink.

So, who am I tagging?

1. Jian Zhen

2. Jan P. Monsch

3. Michael Rash

4. Deigo Zamboni

5. Axel Eble

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