March 13, 2007

R – Scatter Plots with Histograms

Category: Visualization — Raffael Marty @ 11:48 pm

I came accross this really nice library of R graphs and scripts. One that I really liked is a scatter plot with histograms for each of the axes. The code to generate such a graph is the following:

Dataset < - read.table("/home/ram/foo2_200.csv", header=FALSE, sep=",") x <- as.numeric(Dataset$V2) y <- as.numeric(Dataset$V3) nf <- layout(matrix(c(2,0,1,3),2,2,byrow=TRUE), c(3,1), c(1,3), TRUE) par(mar=c(3,3,1,1)) plot(x,y,xlab="",ylab="") par(mar=c(0,3,1,1)) xhist <- hist(x, breaks=seq(min(x),max(x),(max(x)-min(x))/24), plot=FALSE) barplot(xhist$count,axes=FALSE,space=0,col=heat.colors(24)) par(mar=c(3,0,1,1)) yhist <- hist(y, breaks=seq(min(y),max(y),(max(y)-min(y))/24), plot=FALSE) barplot(yhist$count,axes=FALSE,space=0,horiz=TRUE,col=heat.colors(24))

And the result looks like this:

Histogram Scatterplot

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  1. Now how do you add boxplots on top of the hist’s ?!

    In any case, good script, thanks for sharing.

    Comment by Love Hummus — April 18, 2007 @ 3:12 pm

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