May 14, 2008

First USENIX Workshop on the Analysis of System Logs

Category: Log Analysis — Raffael Marty @ 4:00 pm

I just joined the program committee for this year’s WASL conference. I am really curious what papers will be submitted for this. Talking about papers, I have been busy lately reviewing papers for RAID and soon the papers for VizSec are due as well. While I enjoy reading these papers, it’s been too busy lately with finishing my book and looking these papers. But at least the book is getting close!

Here is the description for WASL:

Join us in San Diego, CA, December 7, 2008, for the First USENIX Workshop on the Analysis of System Logs. System logs represent a rich source of information for the analysis and diagnosis of system problems and prediction of future system events. However, their lack of organization and the general lack of semantic consistency among the information from various software and hardware vendors means that most of this information content is wasted. WASL ’08 will focus on novel techniques for extracting more information from existing logs and on methods to improve the information content of future logs.

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