September 6, 2008

FIT-IT Gesucht: Sicheres und Sichtbares

Category: Visualization — Raffael Marty @ 12:15 pm

picture-6.pngNext Tuesday I will be speaking in Graz, Austria at the FIT-IT event. The topic of the event is Trust in IT Systems & Visual Computing. I am giving a keynote in the afternoon about the topic of Security Research 2.0. I will be hitting on one of my favorite topics, the dichotomy between security and visualization. We need to all work hard on combining the worlds of visualization and the security. We have all seen what happens if security people are writing visualization tools. And we have seen what happens when visualization people try to understand networking and security. I can show you some pretty bad papers that get either side completely wrong. Maybe I am just too picky, but if you read some of the papers that I reviewed for RAID and VizSec, you would probably agree with me.

While talking about RAID and VizSec, the conferences are taking place in a week at MIT in Boston. I will be giving a short presentation on DAVIX with Jan Monsch and will also be part of a panel discussion. Looking forward to make my points about visualization there. I am going to stay for RAID and hope to catch up with my former collegues from IBM research. Drop me a note if you are attending as well.

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