April 14, 2015

Rockstars Use a Good Text Editor – I Use VIM

Category: Uncategorized — Raffael Marty @ 9:13 am

Those of you who know me most likely know that I am quite the VIM fan. At any time, there is at least one VIM window open on my computer. I just like the speed of editing and the flexibility it offers. I even use VI bindings in my UNIX shells (set -o vi). And yes, I did write my book in VIM.

Anyways, here is a command from my .vimrc file that I use a lot:

command F set guifont=Monaco:h13

Basically, if I type “:F”, it makes my font larger. I know, not earth shattering, but really useful.

Here are a couple esthetic things I like to make my VIM look nice:

set background=dark
colorscheme solarized
set guioptions=-m

This is my complete .vimrc file.

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