November 24, 2017

Security Chat 4.0 in Zurich

Category: Security Market — Raffael Marty @ 3:50 pm

Last week I organized the 4th iteration of the Security Chat – an informal gathering of security people in Zurich where we talk about all type of security from cyber security to home security using systems online, and you can learn more here about this. The format are 10-15 minute presentations that anyone can submit for. In good tradition, we had a great line up again:

  • Steve Micallef – OSINT and The New Perimeter – his tool is available for anyone to use at
  • Ero Carrera – The Many Types of Machine Learning.
    Let’s not get carried away by the hype around deep learning. It’s great for some things, but not suited for many others. How about using Bayesian graph networks?
  • Stefan Frei – Supply Chain Security in The Digital Age
    Stefan gave us a bit to debate and think about when it comes to the security of the supply chain. Especially when it comes to Government procurement.
  • Maxim Salomon – Foobar on Embedded Systems
    Just how secure are our IoT devices out there? The presentation showed how insecure they really are. Even government grade security products!
  • Jeroen Massar – Don’t Forget The Network
    In his ‘no-slide’ presentation he made us remember that there are many aspects of networking that we tend to forget or a lot of people simply don’t know anymore. Things like BCP38, DNS RPC, etc.
  • Sandra Tobler – Next Generation Multi Factor Authentication
    More about the system that Sandra introduced can be found at:

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