December 11, 2017

Startup Marketing

Category: Marketing — Raffael Marty @ 8:53 am

You are an enterprise software startup. You are in the security space. Your company is still early, trying to sign its first 10, maybe 40 customers. What should you be doing for marketing? What works? What doesn’t? What approaches yield the biggest return for your investment? These are some questions that I have been pondering lately with startups that I am working with. I decided to do some research among my marketing and startup friends to explore what marketing approaches work for them.

The full posts you can find on my other blog at There you will find a discussion of:

  • Positioning and value proposition
  • Identifying your top 200 prospects
  • Defining measurable goals
  • Building a killer Web site
  • Getting reference customers
  • Keeping your marketing fun and unique
  • Becoming good at PR
  • etc.

And don’t forget about proper advertising and marketing strategies. A good SEO campaign from the best SEO company will give your business the attention it deserves.

Here are the individual posts:

  1. Startup Marketing
  2. Get Good at PR
  3. More PR Activities

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