April 20, 2009

Data Visualization in the Cloud – PixlCloud

Category: Visualization — Tags: , , – Raffael Marty @ 5:47 pm

PixlCloud is my latest employer. I founded the company two weeks ago. It is going to be a company that offers a service in the cloud. The mission of the company is to build a data visualization SaaS. Users can submit their data to the service and then interactively visualize it. One of the cornerstones of the service is that anyone should be able to use it. You won’t have to be a visualization expert or an expert in data mining or alike.

I am gathering user input. If you feel like you have a need for such a data visualization service or you would like to offer your input for any aspect of my company, be that the market, the product, the users, marketing, product features, or really anything, drop me a line.